wardia Gryfa Sbandieratori is an artistic group, which associate twenty young and creative inhabitants of Wrocław. Those people joined the passion and desire to experience an artistic adventure. We are only one group in Poland specializing in doing performance inspired by sbandieratori- Italian, spectacular art of juggling flags. Under the sign of fire griffin their skills develop not only athletically built flag wavers, but also beautiful dancers, brave fire dancers and funny animators. 
Our Sbandieratori, flag wavers draw inspiration from masters of Toscany. In this picturesque region of Italy in Middle Ages was born their art discipline. From the beautiful, countries-old Italian tradition left what is the most precious and the most spectacular, presentation of vigor and enthusiasm dormant in the bodies of young men. Sbandieratori in their arrangement is faithful of the cannons and magnetizes audiences using sky-dancing of flags. Artists which working in a team represents many fields of juggling and circus arts and thanks to their many years of dedication for training today they are masters in their discipline.
Last year we got to the semi-finals of the fifth edition of tv show “GOT TALENT”. Jury: Agnieszka Chylińska, Małgorzata Formniak and Robert Kozyra was impressed by performance of Sbandieratori Gwardia Gryfa, which opened the first semi-final. Robert Kozyra, member  of the jury, compared the momentum of our performance for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.
Last year we’ve had a privilege to working with Krakow Opera in the open-air spectacle “Carmina Burana” staged in the courtyard of the Royal Palce on the Wawel Hill.
Shows of Sbandieratori Gwardia Gryfa, enriched by music and the story, take the form of the truly interdisciplinary performance. The biggest artistic projects consist of flags shows and performance of dance with Isis Wings.
Gwardia Gryfa had the pleasure to take part in several cultural, artistic and sports events throughout the Poland, such as: open-air spectacle “Carmina Burana” staged in Krakow in the courtyard of the Royal Palce on the Wawel Hill, Flags Festival in Wilanów Palace in Warsaw, All Star Game in Centennial Hall in Wrocław, IV Reunion of the Christian Knights in Chorzów, XIII, XIV and XV International Knights Tournament in the Castel in Łęczyca, POLCON- Convention of the fantastic lovers and Dance Festival in Zabrze.
Sbandieratori Gwardia Gryfa’s artists can take possession every scene realizing spectacular performance and original shows. Our animators leading workshops and entertainment for children, open up them the doors to the fascinating world of circus and juggling secrets.
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